January 2012

Can I Get An RIP, Please, Bob?
We had our first ever three-way tie - and even the 'box office tie break' saw very close answers from the three teams. But Can I Get an RIP Please, Bob? ended up with the gold medal... and the Vue cinema tickets.

Pussy Galore: Shaven Not Furred
The second closes answer in the tie break was given by Pussy Galore: Shaven Not Furred who took the collection of stuff.

Analrapists IV: The Awakening
While tie-break 'losers', Analrapists IV: The Awakening celebrated with the champagne.

Team Score (/70)
Can I Get an RIP Please, Bob? 59
Pussy Galore: Shaven Not Furred 59
Analrapists IV: The Awakening 59
Metrosexual Chick Flick Dome 58
No Snacks, Just Facts 54
Don't Be A Dick, Dick 51
A Human Centipede is For Life, Not Juts For Christmas 49.5
Quiztopher Lee 49.5
I Spit On Your Sister's Face 49.5
Kiddy Fiddler On The Roof 49
3 Men and a Little Lady 47
We Love Lamp 47
Amicus 44
Mace Windu's Got A Purple One 40.5
Tequila Mockingbird 38.5
Beverly Hills Cocks IV 37.5
Makes Me Wish I Had Three Hands 31.5
BMX is Skill 30
The Humane Caterpillars 25.5