March 2012

The McQuarrie Men
Once again, the half-time second placers managed to squeeze into the lead and win the quiz. This month,The McQuarrie Men celebrated with the cinema tickets.

Analrapists: Assemble!
And pulling themselves up from joint third and half time, Analrapists: Assemble! came second and took the books.

Last Orders
But dropping from a solid first place at half time, Last Orders ended up coming third. Something still worth celebrating with the champagne!

Team Score (/70)
The McQuarrie Men 56.5
Analrapists: Assemble! 56
Last Orders 53.5
Four Out Of Five 49.5
Fuckin' Clown Shoes 49
Quiztopher Lee 49
Roman Abramavic's Yacht 47.5
Kiddly Fiddler On The Roof 46
Boogaloo Knights 45
District 9 44
The Arse To Mouth Bandits 43
A Pleasure Doing Quizzes With You 42
Harry Potter and the Devon & Cornwall Tourist Board Guide to Guest Accommodation in St Ives 40.5
Don't Be A Dick, Dick 37.5
Cocktails and Dreams 37
Mace Windu Has A Purple One 36
We Never Say Die! 35
The Humane Centipede 33
The Dark Crystals 32.5
Fast Forward to the Good Bits 28