April 2012

The Analrapists Sunk Your Battleship
It was a clear victory for our Sci-Fi champions The Analrapists Sunk Your Battleship, who took home the blu-rays.

Kiddy Fiddler on the Roof
With just half a point between them and third place, Kiddy Fiddler on the Roof get to carry on the fun at home with the Star Trek Scene It? game.

Boogaloo Knights
And celebrating their bronze medal position with the champagne, Boogaloo Knights.

Team Score (/70)
The Analrapists Suck Your Battleship 56.5
Kiddy Fiddler on the Roof 53
Boogaloo Knights 52.5
The Orgasma-trons 50
Planet Rock 49
Attach of the 10-foot Woman! 49
Debbie Does Captain Dallas 47.5
Four Out Of Five 46.5
I Spit On Your Sister's Robotic Face 45.5
Quiztopher Lee 44.5
I.B.M. 42
Fisty The Snowman 41.5
Substitute Really Good Sci-Fi Quiz Name (We Love Lamp) 40.5
George Lucas's Howard The Duck 38.5
There Can Be Only One 38.5
A Long Way Behind In a Pub Quiz Not Far Away 34
Life Finds A Way 31.5
Glitter Muffin Lunchers 23