August 2012

Analrapists Legacy
They have won yet again - and they are Analrapists Legacy.

The Danny Deuritos
A very solid silver medal went to The Danny Deuritos.

Four Out Of Five
And taking our bronze medal: Four out of Five.

Team Score (/70)
Analrapists Legacy 63.5
The Danny Deuritos 60
Four Out Of Five 54
Pussy Galore: Shaven Not Furred 53.5
Kiddly Fiddler On The Roof 51
Metro(sexual)Dome Juniors 45
Don't Be A Dick, Dick 44.5
We Love Lamp 44
Bastard Squad 42
Crouch End Tigers, Highgate Dragons 39.5
The Three Ninjas 37
Mace Windu's Got a Purple One 37
Team Long-stocking 37
The Touchables 34.5
Quiztopher Lee 34
I'm Feeling Very Olympic Tonight 33.5
I'm Ron Burgundy? 33
We'll Always Have Walthamstow 30
Maybe Next Time 20