September 2012

Some Like It Scott
A very clear win - and no bad hats - for Some Like It Scott who now get to enjoy the blu-ray beauty of Jaws.

Jaws: Out on Blu-Ray Now
It was only their second outing to the quiz but that trounced the regular teams to come in second. They are Jaws: Out on Blu-Ray Now.

The Analrapists Are Dah Lawh
The Analrapists Are Dah Lawh.They are also in third place.

Team Score (/70)
Some Like It Scott 62.5
Jaws: Out On Blu-Ray Now 57.5
The Analrapists Are Dah Lawh 57
Metro(sexual)Dome 56
Four Out Of Five 53
Quiztopher Lee 51.5
Star Crash 51
Dr Ian Malcolm's Excessive Personality 50.5
Wrath of Khants 50
Kiddie Fiddler On The Roof 48.5
Tall & Blonde 47
We Love Lamp vs Giant Octopus 47
(insert humorous name here) 47
Digital Spy Into Darkness 46.5
I Roger Rabbits! 46
Mega Sharts vs Giant Octo-Piss 44.5
I Spit On Your Sister's Face 44.5
Quizteam-a Aguilera 42
V for Vienetta 40
The Bigger The Jaws The Better The Arse To Mouth 39
Mace Windu's Got A Purple One 38.5
Movie Rats 36.5
Not The Team Name We Need… The Team Name We Deserve 36
You're Gonna Need A Bigger Stove 32.5
The Quizzes 32
Neo's Raybands 30.5
Mis Sunshine 30.5
Beard 30.5
Cocktopussy 30
Frangry 16.5