December 2012

Joey Joe-Joe Junior Shabadoo
Our winners for the last quiz of 2012 were Joey Joe-Joe Junior Shabadoo.

Rodents of Unusual Size
And after a nail-biting three-way-tie-break finish, Rodents of Unusual Size came in as the runners up.

Team Score (/70)
Joey Joe-Joe Junior Shabadoo 55
Rodents of Unusual Size 53
The Big Fact Hunt 53
Chewy's Balls 53
We're Gonna Need A Warmer Coat 52.5
Rodents of Unusual Size (feat. Dan Baker) 51
Quiz Team Aguilera 50.5
Quiznail & I 48
Howl's Moving Arsehole 47
Scrooged The Pooch 47
Romford Film Club 46
We're Going To Need An Easier Quiz 44
Manic Street Clinicians 43.5
Jimmy Saville: The Phantom Menace 43
Don't Cry For Me Marge And Tina 42
The Mewling Quims 38.5
Insert Pun Here 55
#532 33.5
Gone With The Mince Pie-Tanic 33
So… What Are We Doing For New Year's? 30.5