February 2013

Hitchcock and Balls
It was a very close finish and came down to a tie-break for first place, with Hitchcock And Balls taking their first win (so far…). They decided to celebrate with the champagne.

Death Wish Granted
Losing out on the tie-break, Death Wish Granted ended up coming second, but still walked away with the 8ball.co.uk t-shirts.

Shake That Cat
And a couple of points behind them, Shake The Cat got the goodies for coming third.

Team Score (/70)
Hitchcock and Balls 57
Death Wish Granted 57
Shake That Cat 55
You’ve Got Mail (Genitalia) 52
We Love Lamp 50.5
1.21 Quiz-a-Watts 50
Tango and Cash and Paul 49
Quiz Quiztofferson [Blue Ink] 48
We Tried 48
The Great Zimbabwe 45
Quiz Quiztofferson [Black Ink] 44
Quiztic Pizza 42
Schindler’s Pissed 41
The Omnishambles 41
Ray Winstone’s Balls 38
V For Vienetta 36.5
The Boogatwo 34
Quiztopher Lee 33
Rakhe vs Molby 32.5
Harold and Kumar Do The Quiz 29.5
I’m Not Even Slightly Quizappointed! 26.5