August 2013

C3PO's Nipples
The winners of this year’s Summer Blockbuster Special were C3PO’s Nipples.

Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo
And a couple of points behind them, Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo were our runners up.

Team Score (/70)
C3P0’s Nipples 62
Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo 60
Awkward Seating Arrangement 59
Cheadle In A Haystack 56
Pile Driving Miss Daisy 54
Chewy’s Balls 53
Elite Hunting 53
Wrath Of The Cunt 52
Expecto Petroleum 51
Along Came Holly 47
Hey Blinkin! 45.5
Heisenberg’s Heroes 45
Six Friends And Dan 44
Quizznail & I 44
Quiz Team Aguilera 43
The Equizabeth Taylors 42
My 20-Year Quiz Hell 41
The Triple Entendres 39.5
Really Really Ridiculously Good-Looking Team 39
Despicable DLT 38
The Rockford Peaches 36.5
Andy Nyman Licked My Pacific Rim 33
We Can’t Handle The Truth 26.5
Who Came Last When We Were Not Here? 12