September 2013

Hitchcock & Balls
One point in the lead at half time, they pulled further ahead to win by three points. Our September winners: Hitchcock & Balls.

Boogaloo Knights
We had a tie break for second place, but Boogaloo Knights played a crafty game and came out victorious.

The 3 Analrapists
Which left The 3 Analrapists with third place.

Team Score (/70)
Hitchcock & Balls 58
Boogaloo Knights 55
The 3 Analrapists 55
Admirals At-Bar 53.5
Four Out Of Five 51
Fifty Shades Of Who Cares?!?!? 51
Nic Cage’s Dirty Bunny Fetish 50
The Minions 49
Kiddy Fiddler On The Roof 49
It’s Dylan’s Birthday 49
The Fucks Down At The League Office 48
V For Vienetta 47.5
Natural Born Quizzers 46.5
The Quizzard Of Bawz 46
1.21 Quiz-A-Watts 45.5
Snakey Breaky Heart 44.5
Only God Forgives Frances Ha 44
//Triangle// 43
Martin Scores-Easy 42
Kiss Kiss Quiz Quiz 40
Bee Movie/Shark Tale 39.5
The Dillan Panthers 39
They’re Digging In The Wrong Place 36
Fast Times At Ridgemont Highgate 35.5
Don’t F*ck With The Wongs 34