December 2013

Christmas With The Analrapists
There was only half a point in it, but Christmas With the Analrapists were our final winners of 2013.

F.U. That's Our Team Name
And just behind them, F.U. That’s Our Team Name.

Boogaloo Knights
While third place went to Boogaloo Knights.

Team Score (/70)
Christmas With The Analrapists 63
F.U. That’s Our Team Name 62.5
Boogaloo Knights 61
Metro(sexual)Dome 59.5
Hitchcock & Balls 53.5
I Spit On Your Sister’s Festive Face 53
1.21 Quiz-A-Watts 51
The Fast And The Furious 7: Catching Fire 49.5
We’re Having A Mental Block 49.5
Howl’s Moving Areshole 48.5
FU_K TH_S (Fill In The Blanks) 48.5
The Paul Bearers (AKA We Suck) 48.5
Requim For A Team 47
The A-Team 44.5
Three Men & A Little Lady 44.5
Four Out Of Five 44.5
Kiddy Fiddler On The Roof 43.5
V For Vienetta 43
Goldblum, Frankincense & Myrr 43
Specific Rims 41.5
Dead Man Walker 41
Dear Santa, All We Would Like For Christmas Is To Not Come Last At The Bigger Boat. All Our Love, Charlie, Adrian, Hugo & James xxx 39.5
The Bunga Games 39.5
Los Pollos Hermanos 37
The Knutsens 33.5