May 2014

Who Buried Roger Rabbit
May was a close-run quiz, but dropping no points at all in the second half, Who Buried Roger Rabbit finished in the lead.

Boogaloo Knights Assemble
One point behind the winners, it was a tie for second place but Boogaloo Knights Assemble were closest on the ‘box office tie breaker’.

Hitchcock & Balls
Which left Hitchcock & Balls in third place after losing the tie break.

Team Score (/70)
Who Buried Roger Rabbit 65
Boogaloo Knights Assemble 64
Hitchcock & Balls 64
The Shabbos Rollers 61
This One’s For Smee! 58
1.21 Quiz-A-Watts 56.5
5 Make A Terrible Decision Together 54.5
Fear And Loathing In The Assembly House 54
Eddie Valiant’s Cartoon Bullets 52.5
V For Vienetta 52
The Suicide Squad 51
Four Out Of Five 48.5
A Golden Lesson 48.5
Icy Dead People 45
Enquiring Minds Want To Know! 45
The Child Catcher’s Milliner 44.5
Asshouse Bar Staff 44
Free Bar Until 10pm 43
“Mint me...” 43
Walt Quizney 41.5
Wet Leather Chaps 38
Duelling Dolphins 38
Wish We Booked 37
Houston, We Have A Problem! 35
Get Tight Dave!! 28