July 2014

'Ere Lie Wallach
It was a very tough quiz this month, meaning the super-teams pulled way out in front. At the head of all of them, ‘Ere Lie Wallach

Hitchcock & Balls
In second place, Hitchcock & Balls (plus photo bombers)

The Analrapists: AIDS of Extinction
And in third place, The Analrapists: AIDS of Extinction

Team Score (/70)
‘Ere Lie Wallach 59
Hitchcock & Balls 55
The Analrapists: AIDS of Extinction 52
Four Out Of Five 50
Come Cin With Me 48
The Shabbos Rollers 46.5
Can You Tell What It Quiz Yet? 45
Captain Corelli’s Mewling Quim 45
Coming Up The Rear Window 43
V For Vienetta 40
1.21 Quiz-A-Watts 39.5
Quiz Team 2 39
E = MC Hammer 37.5
We’re Gonna Need A Better Quiz Team 37
The Oscar Wild Bunch 36.5
Pinky & The Brain 35.4
Orange Is The New Crack 35
The Three Amigos 33.5
Casa-wanka 31.5
Quizzitch 31
I’ve Got A Massive Boat, And What? 31
Dork Side Of The Moon 30.5
I Could’ve Been A Participant 21.5
I Shot William H. Macy 20.5