August 2014

The Analrapists
Things are always interesting at the Blockbuster Special. Dropping just two-and-a-half points across the entire quiz, The Analrapists showed they really know their blockbuster stuff!

You're Garner Need A Bigger Boat
Runners up were You’re Garner Need A Bigger Boat.

Pacific Rimjobs
And in third place, Pacific Rimjobs.

Team Score (/70)
Analrapists 67.5
You’re Garner Need A Bigger Boat 65
Pacific Rimjobs 62.5
Hitchcock & Balls 61
The Shabbos Rollers 60.5
Les Quizerables 60
Boogaloo Knights Assemble 60
Don’t Cry For Me Marge & Tina 58
Come Cin With Me! 58
The Bloodsucking Lawyers 54
The Minions 53.5
V For Vienetta 53.5
Fat Kids Always Win At Seesaw 52.5
We Thought It Was The Bergman Special 52.5
We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Team 51
Chris’s Ears Are Out 50.5
We Did It For The Rock 49.5
Michael Bay City Rollers 49
Dr Hfuhrurur 48.5
The Unsinkable Molly’s Brown 48.5
Rise Of The Dawn Of 1.21 Quiz-a-watts Returns 47
Can You Tell What It Quiz Yet? 46
50 Shades of Gay 41.5
Ghostbusters 41
Give Me A ‘B’ Please, Bob 41
Pirate Dave & His Randy Quiz Team 41
Why Aye Man 39
Blue Harvest 36
Quiz Panther: 60% Of The Time We Win Every Time 36
Predators 32.5
Come Cin With Me - Reloaded! 29.5
TBC 26.5
L-J + Simon 18.5
59/60/62 17
We Know Fuck All 12