December 2014

The Huxtable Proxy
It was an exciting double-tie-break end to 2014, with The Huxtable Proxy ending up taking the victory.

With an equal top score, but losing the tie break, ANUSTARTS (the team formerly known as The Analrapists) came in second.

Quizzing's Four Closers
And winning the tie break for the third-place tie, Quizzing’s Four Closers got to pop the cork on the champagne.

Team Score (/70)
The Huxtable Proxy 63.5*
Anustarts 63.5
Quizzing’s Four Closers 59*
Boogaloo Knights Assemble 59
Come Cin With Me 56.5
Metro(sexual)Dome 55.5
Lamb Duck 55
The Shabbos Rollers: AKA “A Friend Is A Gift You Give Yourself” 54.5
Veasey Rider 54
Xmas: Goddess & Kings Of Quizzing 54
Hitchcock And Balls 53.5
The Hunger Games V: To Kill A Mockingbird 53.5
To Quote A Fanny 52
Arse To Mouth: We Are Interstooler 49
Kissing Jessica Fletcher 48
I Spit On Your Sister’s Festive Face 48
1.21 Quiz-A-Watts 47.5
The Convolutions 47.5
Spielberger And Fries 44.5
The Minions 43
Dr Hfurururururur 43
Guardians Of The Galaxy Caramel 40.5
Merry Lee & The Bloodsucking Lawyers 39.5
V For Vienetta 38.5
We Don’t Watch Films 38
Streetcar Named Desire 2: Interstellar 36
Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! 34.5
Rob Lowe Looks Like Skin Cancer 34
Howl’s Moving Arsehole 30
Veff 24.5
I Shot William H. Macy 23

*tie break winner