March 2015

Star Death III: The Hearse For Spock
Embarrassed by they team name, our winners, Star Death III: The Hearse For Spock, were nonetheless pleased with their Odeon tickets courtesy of DCM.

Nimoy! That's Our Team Name!
In second place, Nimoy! That's Our Team Name!! went home with the Stallone blu-ray boxset.

The Shabbos Rollers
Dropping from joint first at half time, The Shabbos Rollers ended up in third with some champagne.

Team Score (/70)
Star Death III: The Hearse For Spock 65
Nimoy! That's Our Team Name!! 61.5
The Shabbos Rollers 59.5
Analrapists: Dark Incontinence 59
Come On Down And Chum Some Of This Shit 56
Hitchcock & Balls 55
Thereby Veasey 52.5
2 Teams 1 Table 52
Stop! Or My Mom Will Go Over The Top & Draw First Blood! 52
Boogaloo Knights Assemble 51
Jurassic Park 50
Any Gibbon Sunday 49.5
Four Out Of Five 48
V For Vienettttaaaa 48
Our Desires Are….. Unconventional 47.5
Yo Adrian. I Quizzed It! 47.5
Sad Sachs: Beyond Tinderdome 47.5
Come Cin With Me 47
I Don't Make Love, I Quiz… Hard!!! 47
We've Come For Your Daughter, Chuck! 45
Team Minions 44
We Still Love Arse To Mouth Human Centipede Style 43
A Good Day To Try Hard 43
I Spit On Your Sister's Face 42.5
1.21 Quiz-A-Watts 42.5
Poor Richard 39
Team Mumps 36
Quiz Long And Prosper 34
Dial 'M' For Monkey 34
Eleanor McLoughlin… 27
Don't Go Into The Long Grass 20.5