April 2015

F.U. That's Our Team Name
With a very impressive score of 63-and-a-half, F.U. That's Our Team Name were our winners, going home with the Curzon cinema tickets and the Audrey Hepburn boxset.

Boogaloo Knights Assemble
A very strong second half moved Boogaloo Knights Assemble up into second place and they chose the champagne.

Hitchcock & Balls
And left with the Coen Brothers blu-rays, Hitchcock & Balls came in third.

Team Score (/70)
F.U. That's Our Team Name 63.5
Boogaloo Knights Assemble 61
Hitchcock & Balls 60
Some Days It's Just Not Worth Putting The Lotion In The Basket 57
We're Gonna Need A Better Television 57
Breakfast @ Wimpy's 56.5
The Shabbos Rollers 56
Quiz Team Aguilera 56
"I Can't Feel Ma Legs" 55.5
The Fast And The Veasey-ous 55.5
V For Viennetta 54.5
The Scooby Gang 54
The Minions 54
The Quiz And Us 53
La Petite Salope 52.5
My 20-Year Quiz Hell 49
Anustarts 47.5
1.21 Quiz-A-Watts 47.5
You're Gonna Need A Bigger Pub 47.5
Kissing Jessica Fletcher 47
Come Cin With Me 46.5
Aiming For Mediocrity 45
Mary-Lee And The Blood-Sucking Lawyers 43
Jem + The Lolograms 42.5
Hanks For The Memories 41.5
We Need A Better Team Name 41
Very Un-dude 37.5
I Carried A Watermelon?! 35
Scar(e)face 33
Quizteama Aguilera [by the window] 33
Kentish Town When It Sizzles 30
K+S Allstars 26.5
The Swedish Black Panthers Of Doom 17