December 2015

The winners of the final quiz from 2015 were Metro(Sexual)Dome.

The Analrapists Awaken(s)
Runners up for the 'Review of the Year' quiz were The Analrapists Awaken(s).

The Human Santa-pede
…and in third place: The Human Santa-pede.

Team Score (/70)
Metro(sexual)Dome 63.5
The Analrapists Awaken(s) 61.5
The Human Santa-pede 61
The Shabbos Rollers 59.5
It's A Wonderful Veasey 56.5
We're Waiting For A Train 55
Joey Joe Joe & The Junior Shabadoo 54.5
Little Lebowski Suburban Achievers 53
Quizmas Quackers 51
Fucking Breaktakers 49.5
Quizzing Under The Cherry Moon 49
The Seven Seals 49
Drunken Jedis 47.5
1.2015 Quiz-A-Watts 47.5
Harlow's Angels 47
I Spit On Your Sister's Festive Face 44.5
V For Vienetta 44
A Tribe Called Guess 44
Kissing Jessica Fletcher 43.5
Move The Tree So We Can Have A Seat 41.5
We Don't Even Go Here! 37
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Quiz Me, Kill Me 34.5
Absolutely Nailbo 2 Questions 28.5
The Hunger Gays 27.5