January 2015

Cheadle In A Haystack
The winners of the first Hackney quiz of the year, with a whopping 61 points, were Cheadle In A Haystack.

Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoo
In the lead at the halfway point, but ending up with silver, Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoo.

Chewy's Balls
And an impressive second half saw Chewy’s Balls pull themselves up to third place.

Team Score (/70)
Cheadle In A Haystack 61
Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoo 56.5
Chewy’s Balls 56
The Character Arcs 54
Deckard’s Midnight Runners 53.5
Elite Hunting 51
It’s Colder Then Ed Quizzes Balls 48
Fozzy Bear And The Moopets 47.5
Weekend At Deirdre’s 46
The Hateful Three 44.5
Get Off My Plane! 43.5
Flapdoodle 43.5
We’re Gonna Finish This Quiz Like A Cheesecake 43
Quizlash 41.5
Fassbender’s Shame 41
I’m The Mary 41
Lacking A Certain Set Of Skills 38.5
Manic Street Practitioners 38.5
The Theory Of Nothing 37
We’ll Go Fargo… If We Were Born Before 1950 37
Are You Talking To Me? 36
Dude, Where’s Our Jimbo? 34.5
The Seven Samurai (But Six Of Them Didn’t Show Up) 34
Mean Girls 32
The Quiz-eman Starring Quiztopher Lee 31
C- 24