MAY 2015

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Cucumber
It was a very close race at our Hackney Birthday Quiz, but with a good second half and a flawless picture round Crouching Women, Hidden Cucumber were our winners.

Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo
In second place by a mere two points, Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo.

Cheadle In A Haystack
And with a tie-breaker needed for third place, Cheadle In A Haystack went home with the bronze medal.

Team Score (/70)
Crouching Woman, Hidden Cucumber 60
Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo 58
Cheadle In A Haystack 56
Chewy's Balls (10 Years On) 56
Elite Hunting 52
Kiddy Fiddler On The Roof 51
Fozzie Bear & The Moppets 51
There Will Be Blood 50
The Rodents of Unusual Size! 50
Flapdoodle 48
The Hateful Three 46
Things To Do In Hackney When You're Bored 43
Gone With The Titanic 42
We'll Go Fargo 40
We're Not Here 39
Nick In A Cage 38
Reservoir Underdogs 36
Manic Street Practitioners 32
Bannocks' Babies 26
Platypus 18