December 2015

Chewy's Balls
Double tie break!!! Winning in the first pair: Chewy's Balls took overall lead.

The R.O.U.S.s (Rodents Of Unusual Size)
Equal top scores but losing the first pair tie-break: The R.O.U.S.s (Rodents Of Unusual Size).

Cheadle In A Haystack
And winning the second pair tie break to take third place: Cheadle In A Haystack.

Team Score (/70)
Chewy's Balls 65
The R.O.U.S.s (Rodents Of Unusual Size) 65
Cheadle In A Haystack 60.5
Jar Jar Abrams 60.5
Hitchcock & Ball 60
Elite Hunting 59
Kiddy Fiddler On The Roof 58
Fonzie Bear & The Moopets 58
Flapdoodle 57
Gone With The Titinsel 56.5
It's A Wonderful Life 52
I Know Quack-Fu 52
Star Boars 49.5
Whiplashed 46.5
The Grinch That Dr Fox's Crime Scene Evidence 45
And In First Place 44.5
We Love! Arse To Mouth 43
It's Not A Wonderful Life 40.5
Manic Street Practitioners 33
Mind's Gone Blank…. 31