To celebrate the Joy of reaching the 150th edition of You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat - and the Fury that This Is The End for our Quiz Show at the Hackney Attic - there's A Happening Of Monumental Proportions. More rounds, more questions, plenty of surprises: it’s everything you love in Maximum Overdrive and It is gonna be Big.

You’ll need to be an Early Man (or woman) as this quiz will be starting at 7pm and Room isn’t Limitless so avoid the Spectre of being a Mad Max and buy your tickets in advance.

Sliding Doors: 18:00 | Mayhem: 19:00 | The Purge: 22:00

Tickets are £7 for this quiz and are available here for Upstairs At The Ritzy and here for the Hackney Attic. The Lord Nelson will be showing a standard-length quiz featuring some of the rounds from the 150th special.