100 Movie Deaths

No fewer than 100 movie characters meet their end in this compilation of classic, tragic death scenes that we showed at our December 2012 quiz. You’ll believe a man can cry...

Title Drop • 2012

We managed to pull together another 100 scenes where they say the name of the film in the film for our 7th birthday quiz in May 2012. Will we manage to find another 100 for 2013’s birthday quiz?

Sci-Fi Special Intro

We ran a couple of Sci-Fi Special quizzes (2011/2012) and this was the intro sequence we put together for them.

Title Drop • 2011

For our 6th birthday quiz in May 2011 we held a special birthday raffle. We made a montage of 100 film clips that featured the name of the film each clip was from. We printed each of the 100 film titles on the back of our quiz tickets, if you got the last film to be featured in this half-time video, you won the raffle!

2014 In Film

For the 2014 end-of-year quiz we put together a montage of all the film of the year to jog your memories.